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This is a networking and support forum for new and aspiring instructional designers, or anyone who is considering a career in this exciting field.

  • Find out if an instructional design career is right for you.
  • Ask about qualifications, salaries, employment options, software skills, CMALT… whatever you like!
  • Post tips and links to useful resources.
  • Share a link to your portfolio and get feedback from peers.

NOTE: This forum is still in the process of being set up. Visit our contact page to sign up for updates.

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Pedagogy is generally defined as the art, science and craft of teaching. The first pedagogues were Greek slaves who were responsible for caring for and instructing their masters’ children. In fact, the Greek origin of the word means ‘to lead the child’.

So, pedagogy may also be considered to be about nurture and pastoral care, as well as teaching. Despite the reference to children, the term is used fairly comfortably in adult education contexts. However, andragogy, which translates as ‘to lead the man’, may be used to refer specifically to the teaching of adults.

A number of related and derivative terms may be used to define particular fields of pedagogical interest, including digital pedagogycritical pedagogy, and heutagogy.