What could you create?

Learning is a fundamental part of human experiences and aspirations. We learn because we need to and often just for fun.

Whatever your business, product or service, your customers love learning. By engaging with your customers as learners, you can create new marketing channels and revenue streams. 

Perhaps you have expertise to share, or maybe the products and services you provide could be adapted for educational purposes. 

Think about how different people engage with your business. Not just your core customer base, but those niche and fringe customers too… 

  • Are there people who use your product in unintended ways?
  • Do you have expertise to share beyond your target market?
  • Could new opportunities arise if more people understood your specialist services?
  • Is there a base of fans or enthusiasts associated with your brand or market?
  • Do your customers use your service as means to access learning experiences elsewhere, and could you collaborate with that provider?

Whatever your context, we can help you innovate and diversify…

Digital products

Young woman smiling at a tablet device with headphones on

From social media videos to online courses, games and apps, more and more people go online to learn. You can reach a global audience in an instant.

Activity packs

Help people to achieve their learning goals through physical interaction with your brand in different spaces. You can cultivate new meanings, connections, and behaviours.

Events and experiences

Do you have access to function rooms, property, or outdoor spaces in which you could host your own learning experiences? Think… team building, problem solving, tours and trails.


Could your business partner with other organisations to create amazing learning products or experiences?

Not sure? Ask us! We’re never short of ideas and we can help by running a scoping session with your team.

Then, when you have some concepts in mind, we can help you bring your ideas to life!

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Pedagogy is generally defined as the art, science and craft of teaching. The first pedagogues were Greek slaves who were responsible for caring for and instructing their masters’ children. In fact, the Greek origin of the word means ‘to lead the child’.

So, pedagogy may also be considered to be about nurture and pastoral care, as well as teaching. Despite the reference to children, the term is used fairly comfortably in adult education contexts. However, andragogy, which translates as ‘to lead the man’, may be used to refer specifically to the teaching of adults.

A number of related and derivative terms may be used to define particular fields of pedagogical interest, including digital pedagogycritical pedagogy, and heutagogy.