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What is an instructional designer?

One of the most exciting and rapidly growing professions, instructional designers design and develop online and blended learning experiences across a range of sectors. From further and higher education to corporate training, you will find instructional designers helping organisations deliver transformative digital learning experiences to adult learners across the UK and internationally.

Over the past year, instructional designers have played a crucial role in helping colleges, universities and employers continue to operate under extraordinary circumstances. Now, as they search for sustainable teaching and training solutions, organisations are relying on instructional designers more than ever… and they’re recruiting.

The role varies across sectors and you don’t need to have programming or advanced tech skills to get started. Our Learning Design Foundation Certificate will cover all you need to enter the field.

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pegs on a line

How to use linearity in online learning

Linearity is often criticised as being at odds with learner-centred experiences. However, the creation and interrogation of lines and trajectories is also a fundamental component of how people learn. So how can we harness linear learning opportunities in a learner-centred way? Linear teaching tends to come under scrutiny when it unnecessarily defines and restricts learning

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Pedagogy is generally defined as the art, science and craft of teaching. The first pedagogues were Greek slaves who were responsible for caring for and instructing their masters’ children. In fact, the Greek origin of the word means ‘to lead the child’.

So, pedagogy may also be considered to be about nurture and pastoral care, as well as teaching. Despite the reference to children, the term is used fairly comfortably in adult education contexts. However, andragogy, which translates as ‘to lead the man’, may be used to refer specifically to the teaching of adults.

A number of related and derivative terms may be used to define particular fields of pedagogical interest, including digital pedagogycritical pedagogy, and heutagogy.